In WordPress, personalization is an important part. Personalization includes all the changes we make to show our touch on the website whether it is to change the color or a change font in WordPress.

Font plays a vital role the providing the first impression of the site. Fonts are used in the perfect combination for a good appearance.

Fonts are not only the style or type of font that we see on first but there are a lot of things behind a perfect typography. You will get the term ‘Font Family’, It is a group of fonts of the same design.

There are so many font providers like Google, Adobe, etc. Some WordPress themes provide you with the fonts. When you get the theme you also get access to the fonts.

There are some ways to change font in WordPress. In this blog, I will show you some easy and different ways that you can use and personalize your site.

What Is The Need For Changing Fonts in WordPress?

Suppose, someone has three websites and it wants to give the same look to each website. It will need fonts also with the theme colour and style to match all the websites.

Changing fonts may also be needed if we want to keep different fonts for different elements like headings, paragraphs, and buttons.

How To Change Font In WordPress

Change Font in WordPress

Changing Fonts In Full Site Editing

Changing fonts in full-site editing is one of the easiest ways. It helps to see the site live and change perfectly.

Step 1) Open your dashboard

font 5

Go to Appearance and click on Editor. In the block theme, many options that you may have found in the classic theme are absent as the customization here is done live.

Block themes are easy to customize and every customize is done without codes.

Step 2) Click on Styles or this styles icon

font 6

This styles button lets you head to the customization of the typography, colours, and layouts.

Step 3) Click on Typography

Font 7

On this page, you can edit these sections. We are here to change the fonts so click on typography.

Step 4) Change the Fonts

font 9

Here you can change the typography of text, links, headings, captions, and buttons. You can choose different typography for each section.

Changing Fonts With Theme Customizer

This is mostly used in the classic themes. But some themes provide this feature in the pro version, so if you are not finding the fonts in the theme then possibly it is available in Pro.

Step 1) Open Your Dashboard

Font 1

Navigate to Appearance and click on Customize. This will take you to the customization page.

Step 2) Click on Typography

Font 2

By clicking on Typography, you will be headed to the typography section for customization.

Step 3) Choose the section you want to customize

Font 3

Choose between various options. Click on the section that you want to customize.

Step 4) Change the font

Font 4

Here you can change the different aspects of the fonts including font family, font weight, text transform, font size, etc.

You can completely change the appearance of the site with the help of fonts. Don’t forget to save the changes after customization.

Changing Font With The Help Of WordPress Plugin

Sometimes you may need a WordPress plugin to change font if you are not able to use previous methods.

So now we will use a plugin to change font of WordPress. We will use Font Plugin for this. So let’s see step by step.

Step 1) Go to your Dashboard

font 12

Navigate to Plugins and click on Add New Plugin. This will get you to the plugins page where you can install WordPress plugins.

Step 2) Go to the Search Bar and Search ‘Fonts Plugin’

font 13

The first plugin showing is our plugin. Install the plugin and then activate it.

Step 3) Go to Appearance and click on Customize

font 14

After activating the plugin should appear in the dashboard as appearing under the Appearance section.

Now to customize the fonts, go to Customize.

Step 4) Click on Fonts Plugins

font 15

The section of installed plugins is here, click on it for more customization options.

Step 5) Choose the section you want to edit fonts of

font 16

Here are various sections that you can customize.
In the Basic Settings, you would change the fonts of headings, buttons, etc.
Likewise, in the Advanced Sections, some more advanced sections are there to change the fonts.
So you can change the fonts of Fonts Loading, Debugging, and Optimization in the same way.

Step 6) Change the fonts

fonts 17

As I clicked on Base Settings, it setting opened. Here I can change the typography of various sections.

Change the Font In Block Editor

Changing fonts in the block editor is a great experience. This method is mostly used for posts and page enhancement.

We can edit the colour and typography.

font 10

In this image, there are two boxes, The first box consists of some edits that are used mostly for shorter lines. It is used to make words bold, and italic.

In the second box, the colour of the text and its background can be edited. A little down you can adjust the size of the text.

font 11

When you click on the arrow, it will show a dropdown section where you can see some more customization options. Here you can highlight the text, insert inline code, and many more.


Q. Why do we need to change the Fonts?

Ans. We may need to change the fonts when we have to match the site with our brand or other sites. Fonts are also changed to change the look of sections.

Q. Do we need Coding to change the Fonts?

Ans. We do not need coding to change the fonts. Even most of the customization is done without any coding now. In the block theme customization has become super easy.

Q. Why Typography is not showing in Theme Customizer?

Ans. Some themes provide the Typography option in the Premium version so that may be the reason you are not getting the Typography options. You can also ask to support team of the respective theme for more information.


So this is how you can change font in WordPress. I have shown you several ways that are very helpful and simple too.

Sometimes customization becomes the need of the hour but you may need the right way to do so. In that situation, this blog would be helpful for you.

In this blog, methods to change font in classic and block themes are stated. You can customize it according to the type of theme.

I hope this blog will help you, If still you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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