Do you want to know how to change WordPress login URL?

Changing the WordPress login URL is a smart security practice because it makes it harder for unauthorized users to find and use your login page.

In this article, we will share the step-by-step procedure to change WordPress login URL to a custom URL.

Why You Should Change WordPress Login URL

Changing the WordPress URL is a valuable security step that makes your website more secure overall. The default login URL is well-known and easily accessible to hackers. Changing the login URL makes it harder for them to locate and exploit your site.

A lot of automated bots target your standard login URL. When you change it you lower the chance of these automated attacks.

Custom login URLs reduce the chance of phishing attacks. It makes it more difficult for phishers to create a fake login page that looks like the original one.

Changing the login URL is an easy way to boost your WordPress website security. It makes it more difficult for hackers to access your site and steal your data. It also doesn’t affect your existing user login.

How To Change WordPress Login URL

The default login URL is usually found at “” or “” To change this URL, the easiest way is by using the WordPress security plugins. Here we show the step-by-step guide:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins and click on Add New.
  • Search for the security plugin you want to install and then click Install Now.
  • After installation click on Activate.
  • Once activated, the plugin is shown in the plugin section.
  • Now go to the settings and find the hide login section.
  • In the login section, you can set the custom login URL.
  • Now enter your desired custom login URL.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Note – Remember to save the new login URL because you will use it to access your WordPress login page in the future.

  • Now log out of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Access your new login page using the custom URL you set.

You can also watch the Video tutorial on – how to change WordPress login URL.

Advice for Using Custom URL Effectively

Using a Custom URL can make your WordPress wesite safer. To keep things running more securely and smoothly you should follow some rules:

  • Choose a unique custom URL that is hard to guess. Don’t use common terms or words related to your website’s name.
  • Keep a record of your custom URL in a secure place. If you forget the custom login URL, you may not be able to login to your site.
  • Some plugins often provide additional security features and make the process easier. So consider using a famous security plugin to change your login URL.
  • Make sure your password is strong and unique. When you use a custom URL with a strong password it adds an extra level of security to your site.
  • Make sure to enable Two-Factor authentication for an extra layer of security to your login process. This requires you to enter a code from your phone in addition to your username and password when login.
  • It is suggested to keep your WordPress, themes, and plugins updated. Outdated software becomes a weak point that attackers can target, even if you have changed your login URL.


Q: What are the risks if I don’t change the WordPress login URL?

Ans: If you don’t change your WordPress login URL, there is a chance the hackers might guess it. If this happens, they could get into your site without permission and steal your data.

Q: What if I can’t remember my custom login URL?

Ans: If you forget your custom login URL, it makes it hard to access your WordPress login dashboard. Make sure to keep a record of your custom URL in a safe place.

Q: What are the benefits of using a custom login URL?

Ans: There are many benefits of using a custom login URL, Some of them are: improved security, reduced risk of phishing attacks, more control over the WordPress login process, and enhanced overall website security.

Q: Does changing the logging URL affect my existing users?

Ans: No, it doesn’t affect your existing users. They can continue to log in using their usual usernames and passwords.


Changing the WordPress login URL makes it difficult for hackers to guess login credentials and access your site. This boosts your site’s overall security and stability. It is a pretty simple step that can make your site much safer.

That’s it! Now you have learned how to change WordPress login URL( Custom URL) in easy steps.

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