A coupon is a digital means of getting a discount while shopping. It is applicable in both online shopping and shopping from a local store.

If you have ever shopped online, you must have used or heard of the Coupon Codes used to get a discount on shopping and get products at a lower price.

Coupon Codes are infamous in online stores. They are good for newly established businesses.

Coupon is a pleasant way to attract users to your site and shop.

Let’s understand the Coupon Code first.

What Is Coupon Code In Woocommerce?

A Coupon Code is a digital voucher issued to the users to shop with some discount. Not only discounts but Coupons are also used for offers like buy one get two.

These Coupon Codes encourage the users as they attract the users and make them feel that shopping is beneficial.

Though making the products sell at a lesser price may look not good, the reality is different. When the user buys something using a coupon code, most probably it will visit your site again.

Also, it will suggest other people visit your site. So isn’t it marketing? What else can be better than people promoting your site without getting paid?

How To Create Coupon Code In Woocommerce?

We have discussed the Coupon Code, now we shall know how to create a Coupon Code in Woocommerce.

Before proceeding further, make sure you have installed woocommerce on your site. In this blog, we will be using the Shop Mania theme. This theme is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes. If you want such a theme then you can consider it.

Let’s go,

Step 1) Open your WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard 1

Open your WordPress dashboard first. This is our first step in creating a Coupon.

Step 2) Go to Marketing and click on Coupons

Marketing Coupon

In the menu, find the Marketing. In Marketing, you will find Coupons, click on the Coupons.

Step 3) Click on “Add Coupon” or “Create your first coupon”

Create Coupon

Here you will find two buttons to create your first coupon. Click anyone of them. Later on this page, you will find the list of already created coupons.

Step 4) Click on Generate Coupon Code

Generate Coupon

Click on Generate Coupon Code, it will generate a coupon code in the box.

Down there the Coupon you can customize the Coupon data. In the Coupon Type, you can choose between 3 options

  • Percentage Discount – It reduces the price by the given percentage.
  • Fixed Cart Discount – It reduced a fixed amount from the total amount of the Cart items.
  • Fixed Product Discount – It reduces the fixed amount of a Product.

Under the Coupon type, there is a Coupon Amount where you can put the amount or percentage for a discount.

Restriction and Limit

Under the General section, you’ll find Usage Restriction. It is used to restrict some functionalities of the Coupon by various means such as minimum and maximum spend, product exclusion, category exclusion, etc.

Right under the Usage Restriction, the Usage Limits are located. As the name signifies it limits the power of the Coupon.

Step 5) Publish the Coupon

Publish 1

After all the settings, don’t forget to publish the Coupon Code.

How Coupon Code Is Used?

We have learned to create a Coupon. Now let’s test the Coupon by using it. We have used the TH All In One Woo Cart Pro to insert some premium functionalities into the cart. If you want to learn more about the TH All In Woo Cart Plugin, click here.

Open the Site and put the product into the Cart

View Coupon

Open the cart, you will see a View Coupon button there. Click on it to see the available coupons.

Apply Coupon

Choose the coupon from the list and click on apply.

Total Price

As we had kept the discount amount of $20, the $20 is deducted from the subtotal.

Let’s see the same on the Checkout page

Checkout Insert Coupon

On the Checkout page, Enter the Coupon Code and click on Apply.

Checkout Final Price

The $20 is deducted.

This is how a Coupon works. There are more types of Coupons that work differently.


Q. What are some benefits of creating a Coupon Code?

Ans. The benefits of the Coupons are commendable. The Coupon leads to an increase in the willingness to shop as the discount attracts the users.

Q. Do Coupon Codes cost some money?

Ans. No, the Coupon does not charge. You can create multiple Coupons free of cost.

Q. Can we exclude a particular product from the Coupon Code?

Ans. Yes. Products can be excluded if you don’t want the Coupon applicable to them.


We have learned to create Coupon codes on the Woocommerce website. Now you can create Coupon Codes and issue them to users.

The Coupon codes can be used in different ways. They are also used to appreciate the users when they shop for large amounts.

It can lead to an increase the sales as it fetches new customers. One of the best advantages of issuing Coupon codes is it can help to sell excess products.

But remember it has some cons also, one of them is giving a discount means less money you get on discounted sell.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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