Have you done online shopping ever? When one sees the products and gets confused, the best option left is comparison.

But have you ever thought, about how the functionality of comparison is added to a website? In this blog, we will see, how can we add Product Compare in Woocommerce for free.

Product Comparison is used to differentiate two or more products from each other. Product Comparison varies products and the user gets to know, which product he has to choose.

Product Compare functionality helps to increase the reliability of the user to a website as it enhances the user’s surfing experience.

You will find the Product Compare functionality in almost all types of ecommerce websites.

Let’s see how can we add Product Compare in Woocommerce.

What Is Product Compare In Woocommerce?

Products Compare, as its name signifies is used to Compare two or more products using Price, Rating, SKU, Availability, and other elements.

Similarities and differences can be filtered to remove unwanted fields. There are lots of other features we will discuss now.

How To Add Product Compare In Woocommerce?

We will use Th Product Compare plugin here. It is available free and offers various features.

You can add product compare functionality in both types of themes i.e., classic and block. So whichever theme you use, this blog will be helpful for you.

In this method, we will be using the Shop Mania theme. It is designed for ecommerce sites, so provides lots of premade templates. It can be used to create almost all types of websites.

This is the screenshot of the site and no compare button is here

No Compare

Let’s get started,

Step 1) Go to the WordPress Dashboard


Open your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Navigate to plugins and click on Add New Plugin

Add New Plugin 1

Find Plugins in the menu and click on Add New Plugins. This will get you to the WordPress plugins page where you can install new plugins free of cost.

Step 3) Go to the Search box and Search TH Product Search

Search Install

Go to the Search box and search TH Product Search. Click on Install to install the plugin. You can also download the plugin from here-

Step 4) Activate The Plugin

Activate Plugin

Click on Activate once the plugin is installed.

The ThemeHunk has come in the Menu and Product Compare can be seen in it

Compare in Menu

After activation, the ThemeHunk shall come to the Menu. In the ThemeHunk, there you will find Product Compare. Click on Product Compare to see the settings.

The Compare Button has automatically come to the Site.

Compare Button

With the activation of the plugin, the compare button will added to the site’s Single and Shop page automatically.

So that’s it. This is how the Product Compare button can be put on within a few steps.

Let’s see some other features of the plugin.

The Appearance Settings

Appearance 1

Here you can control the Appearance of the comparison.

Advanced settings are given to show the fields

Advance Settings

Here check the fields you want to show and leave if not. You can repeat the Price and Add to Cart fields at the end of the table.

Some excellent features are available in the pro version. Let’s have an eye on them too. You can upgrade the plugin to Pro from here.

Premium Features

  • Ordering of Fields
  • Styling with Colors
  • Shortcode Generator of Products
  • Automated Comparision Table
  • Compare by Category

You can also watch this video tutorial.


Q. What is the significance of having Product Compare on the site?

Ans. Having Product Compare can enhance the users’ experience. If the user wants to compare the product then this functionality is gonna help you.

How to add the Compare button to the site?

Ans. It is so easy to add the compare button on the site. Just install the Th Product Compare plugin and activate it. After activation, the button will automatically come to the Shop page and Single page.


You just witnessed adding the product Comparison to the site.

Without the product compare functionality, the users have to click on various products and see their elements to compare them.

But this has made the task so easy that users only have to select the products and compare them on a single page.

You can use this plugin. There are some more product compare plugins that you can use on your site.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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