First of all for writing a blog or a post one should give them an influential heading. A good heading will make the post more readable and can generate traffic through search engines. Many readers just skip the content and start paying more attention to the heading which is given if they like the heading of the post they will proceed further due to this your traffic becomes very low. Therefore for making the heading look different, one should use Heading tag of WordPress. It is not important for the readers only but also it is also very important for the search engine, they will always look for the headings. For catching user’s eye heading tags should be used as priorities, so be careful while using them! In my this post I’ll tell you how to use Heading tags and will discuss why they are important for readers and SEO.

Know about Heading tags:-

Usually, people think styling the heading is just increasing the font size, bold or italics. It is not like that in WordPress. We use HTML tags in WordPress; we structure it using heading tags. Gutenberg or WordPress Block editor will help you in adding Heading tags in your post. In classic editor, As you know headings are HTML markup text. There are six types of heading tag which begins with < h1>, and ends to < h6>, which is quite least important. If the user want to the maximum size or size according to their need of heading, going with the H1 tag which will make the text font bigger and it is searchable on the google. There are many CMS which includes WordPress too which adds the heading tags to the post or a blog automatically.Rest of the other tags are used for breaking the previous tags, It is very rare heading reach H4 tag or it’s beyond.


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Why use Tags(Heading) of WordPress:-

Heading tags are not only give your post a title font, it also helps search engines to find them on google. As you know google is a kind of scanner which is used scan your searched words if anyone uses the heading it will tell all the important things about the content. By using heading tags this makes google to search the content.The heading tag is used to represent different sections of web page content.

It gives a great impact on both the SEO and usability of your site. For improving your ranking, you should choose right keywords in your header title. Once you understand this you will easily put the correct keyword between the header tag. Google is aware of your all the content and continuously keep searching on them. So using a good heading will be beneficial for your site this will help you to generate more and more traffic on your site.

Add Heading tags in Gutenberg or WordPress Block Editor:-

If your WordPress is updated than your Classic editor has been replaced by Gutenberg or WordPress Block Editor. You will find this in default WordPress editor in WordPress 5.0 and its upcoming versions. 

For Adding heading in WordPress Block Editor, First Go to your Dashboard > Post > Add New post. See the below image.

Adding Heading tags is quite simple in WordPress editor. Just Follow the below instructions –

  • Click on the add new block button on the top left corner of the editor, here you’ll see “Heading”. option. Select it.
  • After selecting the Heading option. Type your Content and Choose the Tag from H1 to H6. Heading levels are also given in left sidebar. As shown in the below image.

In this way you can Add Heading in WordPress Block Editor

Add Heading tags in WordPress in Classic Editor:-

It is easy for adding Header tags in your WordPress post or blog. I will tell you some ways to it.

  • Just go to the Visual Editor its toolbar have many formatting options. There is an option of toolbar toggle click on it, now some new options will appear only by clicking on the toggle toolbar.
1-17-2017 4-31-12 AM
  • This option will allows to highlight the text. While clicking on the ‘Paragraph’ it will appear six text Heading1 to Heading2 choose them accoring to the need.
Heading tag
  • There is a text editor given in your editor page here write the Heading tags manually, it is quite for you easy to use.

Difference between Title tag or Page heading and Heading tag in WordPress

As most of us will confuse in between WordPress heading tag and Title tag or page heading. Both the tags are different from each other. As the title tag is expressed as < title> in HTML and this is what shows up in the address bar in the web browser.The text that is contained in < h1> tag is what users see as a title on the web page. The title of this post is wrapped in < h1> & < /h1> tag.These things can easily check on the web page. Easily see the titles and H1 headings which are similar but not identical.

As I already told you for a web page Heading tags are important, the Good heading will generate more traffic on your site and they make a big difference between the readers and the search engines. If you use them delicately on a web page the effect of the content will be easily captured by a single small group it will be useful for to generate more and more traffic. Hopefully, this post is helpful to you. For more queries visit our support forum.

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