If you are a WordPress user then you must have faced this situation when you wanted to get rid of the uncategorized category but couldn’t. Learn how to delete the Uncategorized category in WordPress.

The uncategorized category is the default category of a WordPress website. All the posts that are not categorized will saved in this category by default.

You need to assign the posts manually to another category to move the posts from this category.

No problem, this blog is for you. We will see how can we delete the uncategorized category step by step. not only deletion but you will also learn to assign another category as the default category.

What Is an Uncategorized Category And How It Forms?

When a site is built, a demo post is also built and its category is built along with it. The category that is built automatically is named uncategorized.

It forms by default and all the posts whose categories are not assigned will categorized as uncategorized, so how to delete this Uncategorized Category? please read this blog further.

How to Delete the Uncategorized Category in WordPress?

First, open the WordPress dashboard.

Step 1) Navigate To Post And Click On Categories

Dashboard 1

This will show you all the categories on your website including the uncategorized category.


Here you can add a new category if you want.

Step 2) Go To Settings and Click On Writing


You will find Settings at the bottom of the menu. Hover on the settings and click on writing.


Later, this page will open.

Step 3) Click On “Default Post Category” And Assign Another Category

Writing 1

Assign another in place of Uncategorized. This will make the selected category default.

Don’t forget to save the changes.

Step 4) Go To Post Categories

Category 2

After the previous step, you can see the Advanced category has become the default, and the box is moved to the uncategorized category.

Delete 2

Now you can delete the uncategorized category.

Our problem is solved in a few steps. It is easy but not known by most users. You can share the blog with them for guidance.


Q. How to Delete the Uncategorized Category in the WordPress website?

Ans. To delete the uncategorized category go to writing in settings and switch the default post category to another category then Uncategorized. Now come back to post categories, now you can delete the uncategorized category.

Q. What is the need to delete the Uncategorized Category?

Ans. When blogs are assigned to their respective categories then the need for the Uncategorized category is not needed. Then we can delete the Uncategorized category..

Q. Do Deleting a Category affect the website?

Ans. When you delete a category the post in it will automatically be transfered to the default category. But you should make sure there is no essential content in the category before deleting.


This blog is about deleting the uncategorized category that may be hard for new users. But as we have seen it is easy and simple with some changes,

But for deleting ensure the content is not there. You might lose it.

You can see our more blogs that can be lifesavers. But if want something else you could not find, please let us know in the comment section. I hope this blog will help you.

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