Creating A Contact Us page is a good idea when you want to interact with the users. These small things can impact a lot to your users.

Have you ever created a Contact Us page? If you are a WordPress user, you must be aware of the importance of having a Contact Us page. Through the Contact Us Form, your users can resolve their issues by asking directly.

Contact Us page helps in any type of website. Whether you own a business, ecommerce, food, and drink, or another website.

If you don’t know how to create the Contact Us page, don’t worry. In this blog, I will show you the complete process from creating a page to inserting the form into it.

In this blog, we will be creating a Contact page free of cost. Stick with us till last to learn.

What Is A Contact Us Page?

Before creating the page let’s understand the Contact Us page.

Contact Us page as the name says is the page that helps the users contact the website owner or its team about any issue or query.

In the Contact Us Form, the users fill in the necessary information and leave a message.

Without the Contact Us Form, a user may face several problems to contact the support team. That is why it is understood to be a necessary part of a website.

How To Create A Contact Us Page In WordPress

Let’s create the Contact Us page now.

We will create the page on both themes (Classic and Block). You will be able to add the Contact Us page whether you are a classic theme or block theme user.

Let’s get started,

Create a Contact Us Page Using Classic Theme

Follow these steps to create a Contact Us page in the Classic theme.

Here we will be using the Zita theme. Zita is a multipurpose theme and provides various premade templates of various categories.

This is our site now.

Zita Grocery Store 1

You can see, that there is no Contact Us page. The website is new and we have to create a Contact page for it.

So first, we will install a plugin named, Lead Form Builder and create the Contact Form using it.

Step 1) Open your WordPress dashboard

Dashboard 1

Open your WordPress dashboard first.

Step 2) Go to Plugins and Click on Add New Plugin

Add New Plugin 1

Now we need to install the plugin first to put a contact form. So find the Plugins in the left Menu.

Step 3) Go to Search Bar and search “Responsive Contact Form Builder” and Install the Plugin

Search 3

You will find the search bar on the top right side. Search for the Lead form builder. Seek the plugin titled “Responsive Contact Form Builder & Lead Generation Plugin”. Click on Install Now.

Rather than this way, you can also install the plugin from here.

Step 4) Activate The Plugin

Activate 3

Activate the plugin once installed.

Step 5) Navigate to ThemeHunk and click on Lead Form Builder

Lead Form Builder

After activating the plugin, the ThemeHunk should appear in the menu. Go to ThemeHunk and click on Lead Form Builder.

Step 6) Copy The Shortcode


On this page, you will see a form and its shortcode. Copy the shortcode. For every form, there is a separate shortcode.

If you are using multiple Contact Forms then you can use these shortcodes in various locations.

Step 7) Go To Pages and click on Add New Page

Add New Plugin

First, we need to create a new page for a contact form. To put the Contact Form. We need a new page first. So create a new page.

Step 8) Name the new page

New Page

Name the new page. I have named it the Contact Us.

Step 9) Paste The Shortcode into the Page

Paste the Shortcode

On the Contact Us page, paste the shortcode of the Contact Form.

The Contact Us Page is Ready.

Contact Us Page

Here is your Contact Us Page Created.

However, the page may not appear in the menu. Let’s see how to add the newly created Contact Us Page to Menu.

Step 1) Go to Appearance and click on Menus

Appearance menus

To add the page to the menus, go to Appearance and click on the Menus.

Step 2) Check the Contact Us and Click on Add to Menu

Add Menu Items

You will find the Contact Us page in the pages section. Check the box and add it to the menu structure.

Step 3) Click on Main And Save Menu

Main Save

After adding it to the menu, it should come in the Menu Structure. Click on the Main box, if not checked, and click on Save Menu.

The Contact Us Page is added to the Menu

Contact Us Menu

The Contact Us page is added to the Menu.

This is how you can create a Contact Us page in the Classic theme.

Let’s see how we can create a Contact Us page in the Block theme.

Create a Contact Us Page Using a Block Theme

WordPress has shifted to blocks. So, the block themes are designed. So we have to discuss the way to create the Contact Page in the Bloth theme.

In this method, we will be using the Vayu X theme. It is a block theme. It is ideal for any type of WordPress website.

Here, we will see 2 methods to integrate the Contact Form. First, using Block and second using shortcode.

This is our site

Vayu X 1

This is our site, no Contact Us page is here.

Step 1) Go to the WordPress Dashboard

Vayu Dashboard

First, open your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2) Create a new page and name it

Vayu New Page

As we did in the previous method. Create a new page and name it.

Step 3) Click on the Plus (+) icon or Block Inserter

Vayu Block Inserter

Step 4) Search “Lead Form Builder” and click on the Block

Vayu Search

The Contact Us page has come to the page

Vayu Contact Us Block

This is the preview

Vayu Contact US

This is the easiest way I think to create a Contact Us page. Within a few steps, the Contact Us page is created.

But we can create it in another way.

Let’s see,

After creating a new page follow these steps. These steps shall be followed by the Step 2.

Step 3) Open the Lead Form Builder and Copy the Shortcode


Open the Lead Form Builder plugin.

If the plugin is not installed, do it first.

Step 4) Paste the Shortcode into the Contact Us page

Paste the Shortcode

Paste the Contact Form shortcode on the Contact Us page and update the page.

Step 5) Go to your site and click on Edit Site

Edit Site

Now we have to add Contact Us to the menu.

In block themes, this method is adopted but you can also use the previous method if the theme provider gives the facility to add the page to menus through Dashboard.

Step 6) Click on the Plus Icon

Vayu Add Menu

Click on the Navigation and then click on the plus icon to add a new menu.

Step 7) Create the Menu and Assign the Contact Us page

Vayu Assign Page 1

When you click on the new menu, the Contact Us page should appear to add. Click on the Contact Us page and assign it to Menu.

Step 8) Click On Save

Vayu Save

Don’t forget to update the page.

The Page is added to the Menu

Vayu X 2

This is the page after adding the Contact Us page.

Let’s See The Contact Us Page

Vayu Contact US

The Contact Us page has been added to the site. This is the preview of the Contact Us page after creating it.

Let’s discuss the features and functionalities of the Lead Form Builder

On the first interface, you get the option to create multiple Contact Forms.

Form Interface

By clicking on Add New you can create new forms and add them on various pages for various purposes.

When you click on Add New, this page appears.

Contact Form First Page

Here you can customize the Contact Form. From adding new fields to arranging them in order you can edit them.

You can edit the Email Settings also.

Contact Form Email Setting

Captcha is understood to be a good major for secure communication. This plugin has given you the facility to put Captcha on the Contact Form.

Contact form Captcha

You can set up the Captcha verification on your site easily.

At last, you can write a Thankyou Message.

Contact Form TQ msg

This message will sent to the users after sending the message to you.

There are multiple features that you will be availed in the premium version. You can upgrade the plugin from here.


Q. How many ways can the Contact Form be integrated into a page?

Ans. There are various ways like using shortcode, and block. You can also use Elementor to create a stunning Contact Us page.

Q. How can we customize the Contact Form?

Ans. From the Lead Form builder dashboard, you can customize the Contact Form fields. You can add, remove, or edit the fields.

Q. What is the significance of the Contact Us page?

Ans. Contact Form plays a huge role in user and website interaction. Contact Form helps to pass the message, query, or suggestion to the website owner or team so it can look into the matter.


So, you have seen some easy and simple ways to create a Contact Us page for your website. I don’t think there is a need to discuss the importance of having a Contact Us page on the site.

Contact Forms are used for various purposes, some of them are queries, suggestions, feedback, support, and more.

The Contact Us page helps to create a strong and healthy bond between the users and the website as the users can talk to the support team whenever they want.

I hope this blog will help you. Still, if you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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