Open Shop

Installing Theme

  • Step 1:  Go to your Wp Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New. Then in the search box,  enter the name “Open Shop”. Theme will appear. Then click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

  • Step 2: After the installation is completed, click on the ‘Activate’ button and “Open Shop” will be activated.
installation-open-shop step 2

  • Step 3: After activating “Open Shop” in your dashboard, Go to Open Shop Options under Appearance and click on it. You’ll see Recommended options panel, install & activate all the plugins.

  • Step 4 : Now you can start customizing Open Shop theme.
  • Download Open Shop Child Theme Th Open Child zip file. 

How to Add Cart, compare & Swatches

  • Go to your Appearance > Open Shop options > In recommended plugin you’ll see TH Variation Swatches and TH All in One Woo Cart .
  • Install and Activate plugins in your dashboard. This will display Cart and Swatches in your website.
  • To learn more about Plugins, Navigate to TH Variation Swatches Plugin, Th Product Compare and Th All in One Woo Cart
open shop recommeded plugins

Demo Import

Check this video

Site Identity

  • To display Site logo or site title tagline and site icon on your site.
  • Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > WordPress Default > Site identity.
  • Logo– Upload a logo image with specific width and height.
  • Logo width – Set the desired logo image width.
  • Site Title & Tagline – Display site title & tagline in-place of Logo.
  • Site Title & Tagline Show/Hide – Check on the radio button display site title and tagline.
  • Site Icon – You can upload a site icon for your browser.
site identity open shop

Set up Homepage

  • To create Homepage on your site follow the below instructions –
  • Go to Wp Dashboard > Page > Add New > Create a Page.
  • In the right sidebar of your editor you will see Page attributes > Template. Click on the template and select the option Homepage template. Publish it.
  • Navigate to Customize panel > WordPress Default > Homepage Settings. In homepage settings. Select the radio button of “A static page” and choose your homepage which you have created as front page.
homepage settings open shop

Understanding Front Page Sections

Above Header

  • For Above header setting, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Layout > Header > Above Header.
  • It appears right above the Main header and allows you to show multiple elements. You’ll get one layout. In this layout column you can show elements like social icons, menu, search, Text, Widgets. Here styling can be done using the height, bottom border and border color.
above header open shop

Main Header

  • For Main header setting, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Layout > Header > Main Header.
  • In main header your logo and main navigation will be displayed along with Menu.
  • To show navigation menu in your “header” first set the menus from the dashboard. Go with this link. With Main header setting, you can modify your overall header by adding layout with other content.
  • Menu Alignment – You can choose the menu alignment. You can align the menu left, right and center.
  • Column 1 – Here you can add Button, call to or widgets too.
  • Button Link and Button text – Add button link and text.
  • Mobile Menu Open – Choose the Mobile menu alignment left. right or center.
  • Sticky Header – Make your header stick to your site by enabling sticky header.
  • Enable or Disable Wishlist, Account and Cart – This will show Wishlist, My Account icon and Cart icon on your Header.
main header open shop


  • For Blog setting, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Layout > Blog. In Blog page you can show collection of post grouped by category, author, date and tag etc.
  • Blog Post content – In blog post content you can show your full content, No content and Excerpt length. Excerpt length allows you to set content length you want to show in your blog page.
  • Read More Text – In read more text, put the text you want to display for your Read more button.
  • Post Pagination – It will provide you Numbered navigation for your blog page.
blog layout open shop

Note – Go to dashboard > Reading Settings. You’ll see this option their “Blog pages show at most”. Enter the number of posts you want to show on your blog page.

Move to Top

  • For Move to Top, Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Move to Top.
  • You can add Move to Top button on your site. This button will easily scroll your site to the top of the page in just one click on the button. You can also disable it by checking the box.
move to top open shop

RTL Support

  • To Enable RTL on your site, Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout > RTL.  There are a couple of languages written and read from right to left (RTL) direction – like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu and others.
rtl open shop

Frontpage Sections

Top Slider

  • To add Top slider, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Top slider. There are two different layouts in Top slider in which you can add slide images, Logo images, Title, Sub title, Text and link too.
  • You can On/Off the slider.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
  • You can also adjust the slider speed using Slider speed option.
top slider open shop

Tabbed Product Carousel

  • To add Tabbed Product Carousel, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Tabbed Product Carousel. First you have to create categories to show product in this section.
  • Add the Section title in text area.
  • You can show recent products in this section.
  • You can also enable Single Row Slide or show the default one. Enable the Slide autoplay.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
tabbed product carousel open shop

Woo Category

  • To add Woo Category, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Woo Category.
  • Add the Section title in text area.
  • In Woo Category you can shop categories amazing layout.
  • You can also enable Single Row Slide or show the default one. Enable the Slide autoplay.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
woo category open shop

Product List Carousel

  • To add Product List Carousel, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Product List Carousel.
  • Add the Section title in text area.
  • You can show recent, featured or random product in this section.
  • You can Disable Content Padding of your site.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
product list carousel open shop

Ribbon Section

  • To add Ribbon Section, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Ribbon Section.
  • You can show ribbon background image, text, button text and button link.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
ribbon section open shop

Highlight Section

  • To add Highlight Section, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Frontpage Sections > Highlight Section.
  • In this section you can display highlighted content like Icon, Title and Subtitle. You can pick Icon from the Icon Panel.
  • You can Disable or enable the section anytime you want.
highlight open shop

Color and Background

For Color & Background, Go to Appearance > Customize > Color & Background. You can pick color for every element and upload background image.

Global Color

  • For Global colors option, Go to Appearance > Customize > Global Colors.
  • Color Scheme – You can choose Dark or Light scheme for your site. Dark will make your site black in color. Whereas the light will make your site overall White.
  • You can change the default color all over the site using Theme Color. You can pick color for link, link hover color, text color, title color, background color & Background image.
global colors open shop

Pre loader

For Pre loader, Go to Appearance > Customizer > Pre Loader.

  • For enabling the loader, check on the box “Enable loader”. Preloader will be shown when you load or refresh your site.
  • You can upload a GIF or an image as a preloader or you can pick background color instead of image.
preloader open shop

WooCommerce Setting

For WooCommerce setting. First you have to Install WooCommerce Plugin and activate it from the Recommended plugins available in Open Shop Options. If you have already did skip this.

Now Set Shop page, Cart Page, Checkout page and My Account Page in your site. To Know how you can easily set these pages in your site. Navigate to this Post.

woocommerce open shop image

Product Style

  • Product Image Hover Style – You can choose the desired hover style and show your product in a unique way. You can display your product in “Zoom” or as “Swap” hover style.
  • Zoom – It is a kind of basic magnify effect on your product, it will zoom out your product while hovering the mouse over it.
  • Quick View – Using this option you can enable or disable the Quick view in your products. Quick view option allow your visitors to take a quick look of product via popup. They can get info about the product and directly add product to cart.
  • No. of product to show in Front Page – Using this option you can limit the no of products you want to display in your Product sections. Just add the Number in the text box and show your products in sections.
Product style open shop

Single Product

  • Up Sell Product – These are the items that your customer might prefer instead of the product currently viewed. Items which is offered as an up-sell might be more popular, have better profit margin or a higher quality. Check the box “Display upsell product”. If you check this box you can now set the Number of Column and Number of up-selling Product you want to show.
  • Related Product – Related product are the items which are similar to the product your customer is viewing. Check the box “Display related product”. If you check this box you can now set the Number of Column and Number of related Product you want to show.
single product open shop

Cart Page

  • In cart page you’re free to show Cross sell product. You can also set the number of Cross Sell Product to show with columns.
cart page open shop

  • To setup Cross Sell Products. Go to WooCommerce > Products and select the product on which you’d like to show in cross-sell. Scroll down to the Product Data panel. Select the Linked Products tab in the left menu. Add the product you wish to link to by searching for it.

Shop Page

  • Display Product View – You can select shop page product view styling – Grid or List. In List view your products will appear in vertical list with additional information and Grid view products is a default WooCommerce view of products.
  • Shop Page Pagination – Choose Numbered pagination and it will provide you better navigation for your Shop page.
shop page open shop 1

Multiple Widgets

  • There are Two different Widgets which can be used in sidebar, footer and Homepage. Each widget has its own setting and functionality. All widgets are available in Customize Widget Panel. To add Widgets, Go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets.
  • Post Widget Slider – Using this widget you can show posts images with caption in a carousel/slider. You can Add Number of Post Show and also Select Specific Option To Display Post. Display Random, Recent and Popular post in your sidebar area.

  • About us Widget – Using About us widget you can showcase details about yourself or your company. You can add title, Member image, About Me Description, Read More button text and link. You can also add your social media links. This widget can be used in Sidebar as well on Footer area too.
aboutus widget openshop

Open Shop is Perfect for Shopping Website

Checkout this table to know more about these products

Section Hide Option
Header Layout
(One layout)
(Multiple Possibilities)
Footer Layout
Full Color & Background Control
Top Slider Section
(Two Layouts)
(Five Layouts)
Ribbon Section
Tabbed Product Carousel Section
Product Carousel Section
Woo Category Section
(One Layout)
(Three Layout)
Product List Carousel Section
Banner Section
(Two Layouts)
(Five Layouts)
Highlight Section
Move to top
Sticky Header
Fully Responsive
Social Icons
Ajax Search
About US Widget
Post slider widget
Pre loader
Blog page setting
Pagination option ( Shop Page, Blog Page)
(Numbered, Load More, Infinite Scroll)
Product Quick View
Product Image Hover Style
(Zoom and Swap)
Section Ordering
Exclude Category
Off Canvas Sidebar
Sticky Sidebar
Four Custom section
Big Featured Product Section
Tabbed Product List Carousel Section
Brand Section
Page Templates
(Contact page Template, About us Template, FAQ’s Page Template)
Product List Slider Widget
Product Slider Widget
Single Category Slider Widget
Single Product Slider Widget
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