Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about Lead Form and its newly launched styler for Elementor.

Lead form builder is a free WordPress plugin which has a ton of features. It also has a pro version which you can buy for better control over the forms. The Lead form has various input fields that will fulfill all your needs for creating a beautiful and powerful unique forms. Once the form is created attach it to any post or page using shortcode generated for that form. To know more about Lead form builder, navigate to this Post.

Now let us move on to talk about its highly customizable styler for Elementor- Lead Form Styler for Elementor

You need to have Elementor installed for styler to work. You also should have created a unique forms using the Lead form builder. Open any post or page of your choice to edit with Elementor. Now go to the search area and type Lead form Styler there you will see the widget named as Lead Form Styler.

lfb styler pro 01 1

Content Tab-

Drag and drop that widget to Elementor content area. Now all the styler settings are visible in Elmentor editor panel. In the content tab you can see that it displays the list of already created forms. Select the form that you wish to edit.

lfb styler pro 02 1

Style Tab-

In the style tab, you can see separate sections for each control. 

Lead Form General Style – Here you can adjust the whole width of the form. If the form is reduced in width, alignment ( Left, Center, Right) can be applied to form.

lead form general style

Label and Title Styling – You can change the color and manage typography of all the form labels and the title of the form as well. If needed you can hide the title. 

Field Styling-   This section has two separate tabs. First is for color and second for dimensions.  In the color tab, you will find many color controls. Color for all the fields can be changed. After this, you can adjust the color and typography for input text, placeholder text along with the select (dropdown ) option text. In the dimensions tab, you can set the alignment for the field label. Adjust the spacing between the label and input field as well as spacing between fields.

Manage the height and width of various input fields with textarea. You can give border-radius to these fields and margin around it.

lead form field styling

Radio and Checkbox Styling- Styled radio and checkboxes look very attractive. You can create those good looking and interactive radio buttons and checkboxes from here. Change the switcher to yes to change default style. Here again, as the previous section, you will see two tabs color and dimension. You can change the size of button. You can adjust the spacing between buttons and their respective label. Apply the background color for the checked and unchecked state of these buttons.

The border-radius of radio buttons and checkbox can be adjusted which can make checkbox circular and radio button rectangular.

Lead Form Styler for Elementor

Color options for radio and checkbox ( Pro )

1. Radio and checkbox label color and font size.
2. Border width and color control for radio and checkbox.
3. Background  color option for checked and unchecked state of radio and checkbox .
4. Symbol color option for checked and unchecked state of radio and checkbox .

Button Styling- The padding inside the button and margin around it can be set. You can also change the typography and color for the button text. There are options for changing the size of the button along with its alignment.  You can give the hover color to your button and also you can give the Border-radius to make the button look oval in shape . You can set the type of border, give color and adjust the width of the button.

Lead Form Styler for Elementor

Form Submission Message- ( Pro )When the form is submitted by the user a message is displayed, which you might not see at the moment because the form is not submitted yet. To preview the message without submitting the form for styling purpose, enable the preview option for unique forms submission message. You can style this message box as per your need.

Give it a nice background color along with a suitable text color. If you want to apply a border around this message box, you can do so by choosing the type of the border, its color, and width along with border-radius.

Lead Form Styler for Elementor

Recommended Theme – There are lot of base themes available for page builders like Elementor. I recommend Hello and Zita WordPress theme. These themes are fast and easy to use.

Conclusion –

Elementor opens up a sea of possibilities for designing. Using Lead Form Styler for Elementor, Now you can utilize those fantastic Elementor features to design your favorite lead form and make it look lovely. You check our demo for styled unique forms here. If you like the styler and want to customize your own form you can download the free version from here and if you want complete control over every element of the form get the pro version here.

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