How to install our plugin Lead form builder –
It is quite easy to install our plugin. Just login to your member’s area. You will see a zip file of the lead form builder, click on install now then activate your plugin.

Lead form builder is an Autoresponder Contact Form Plugin which also gives you the freedom of designing any type of form and collecting unlimited leads from your site. The Autoresponder will automatically answer e-mails sent by the users. This plugin comes with robust and advanced features for designing unlimited forms for any type of site.

Unlimited Form creation –

This is one of the great advantage you’ll get with our plugin you can create unlimited forms for your site. This plugin supports multiple features for styling the form, so it will be very easy to design plenty of forms.

Email autoresponder –

In email setting there are two options, first is Admin Email Notifications and second is User Email Notification. This will work as email autoresponder. Email autoresponder will allow you to send an email to your user after they submit the form. An Autoresponder is a process that will automatically answer the email to the user. When a user submits a contact form on your site autoresponder will send a message to them in the email id which you have saved in user email notification setting. In the admin email notification you can set the the email id you want to receive mail through users.
email notification img

Setting of leads –

1. Multiple method of Lead receiving – Lead receiving is become trouble free by using our plugin. You can easily collect multiple leads in your mail or in database.

a. Lead only saves database – This option will allow you to save leads in the database. Whenever you receive any lead it will automatically go in the database and save.

b. Lead only receives in Email (not saved database) – Using this option you can receive leads in email. Just set the email address in which you want to receive your leads. It will save the memory of the database.

c. Lead receives in database and emails both – If you select this option you will receive your leads in email as well as it will save in your database too. It will provide you a great advantage, you can easily collect the data of leads in database and email both.

2. Form submitting a message (Thankyou Message) – Using this section you can show the form submitting a message to your user. Just put the message that you want to show, whenever the user submit a message this message will appear.

3. Redirect URL – Just put a link in this section, when your users submit the form they will automatically redirect to that link.
Autoresponder Contact Form Plugin


MailChimp configuration will help in sending your mails through MailChimp account. If you are not able to send or receive mails from your server you can use mailchimp. Just add an API key from MailChimp and it will send and save your leads on MailChimp.
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Smtp mail configuration –

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This service is used for sending and receiving mails. If your server being blocked or your website reaches the daily limit of outgoing email, you can send or receive your mails using SMTP. For knowing more about SMTP, just go with SMTP mail configuration article

smtp option

All lead export feature –

When you receive leads in your database you want to save them. Using lead lead export feature you can export unlimited leads by adding the start date and end date.

Form export feature –

You can export unlimited number of forms using this feature.
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Advanced Live Customizer or Form Customizer –

Here seven option are given I will define them one by one so it will easy for you to understand:-
1. Form Size –
Here you can change the form width % according to your need.

2. Header Setting –
Upload a header image or set the heading color. Through the alignment, you can put your heading in left, right or center. Hide or show your heading and set the font size. You can also set the Top/Bottom Padding and Left/Right Padding of the heading.

3. Background Setting –
You can upload an image in the background of your form or set a background color. Using form padding, you can set the padding % at top, bottom, right or left in your form.

4. Field color Setting –
Here four options are there:-Label Color, Border Color, Background Color and Placeholder Color. Pick the desired color for each element.

5. Submit button Setting –
In this four color options are given for submit button Text Color, Background Color, Hover Background Color and Hover Background Color. Through border alignment, you can set the submit button left, right or center. You can also change the text size %, Top/Bottom Padding % and Left/Right Padding % of the submit button.

6. Custom CSS –
Here you write your custom CSS for your form other than the existing options.

7. Reset All customization –
This option will reset all styling and customization. optimize

Google reCAPTCHA feature –

This option will help you in spam protection. You need to just put the keys from google reCAPTCHA and this will protect your site from span and abuse mails.
captacha setting

Form import feature –

You can import any form from anywhere. As you want another form in place of your form. Just click on the option import form and import the XML file of the form, it will replace the present form.

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Create Popup form –

You can create a popup form using this feature. Create a popup form by just Uploading an image, choose the lead form, add Popup title, Popup Sub Title, description, button text & url. After that save your form. You can choose the page which you want to show your popup on your site

popup form

Final Words

There are plenty of Plugins available in WordPress market, but our plugin Lead form builder pro will provide you many good attributes as compared to others. You’ll get this plugin at the lowest price of $29 with support and for more packages visit our Pricing Section and to our demo page for more templates.

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