Yes, this is true making money online is become so easy and this is perfect for any beginner. There are many ways to make money online. Here I am giving you the easiest one which is a blogging website.

You can choose a blog or a website for earning more and more money. For starting any kind of blog one thing is very important your idea or topic and the content which you are using in the blog.

You should choose a good and strong category for your blog site. Once you have decided on a topic for the blogging site, now another important thing is the Theme.

A strong theme will make your blogging site more attractive and by this visitors will increase rapidly. This will help you in generating more and more revenue.

Which Theme you should choose

As I already told you choosing a good theme will help you in generating more and more traffic and will increase your site revenue.

When you search themes on the web you find numerous and this creates a huge confusion. Many blog themes are famous and we thought if they are famous they are perfect for our site but this is not true.

All those glitters are not gold; so choose a theme according to your idea. The blog theme should match the category so that you can perfectly mold your idea and create a wonderful site.

Points you should consider while choosing a blogging theme:-

  • SEO- This is the most important factor in every website. If your site SEO is good this will make your online presence strong and increase traffic to your site.
  • Space for AdSense – You should consider this point, space for Google AdSense is very important because it will help you in generating revenue.
  • Clean layout- The theme should contain a very clean as well as simple layout so that your content will highlight in front of your visitors.
  • User-friendly- The theme must be user-friendly and coded with simple code. So that a non-coder can use it easily.
  • Translation ready- The theme should be translation ready so that you can translate your site into any language easily.

Elanza – Blogging Theme

Writing is blog is not easy, your ideas and views should differ from others. The same thing is with the theme. A theme will help you in making your work unique.

Elanza’s blogging theme is one of the perfect blog themes on WordPress. As we have many blogging themes but we are suggesting the simplest one so that you will easily create a blogging website.

This theme is beautifully designed as well as user-friendly. It is fully responsive and comes with a live customizer for checking any changes instantly.

This theme is designed in such a way it can be used for business as well as for personal blogs too. Many bloggers love to create a website by using this theme.

Salient features of theme-

  • Responsive
  • Homepage layout ( Standard layout, Two grids)
  • Homepage featured Instagram option
  • Sidebar options
  • Pagination option
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer area
  • Post format
  • Unlimited color options
  • Social icons
  • Dynamic footer and header area
    • Support

Earning money through your site

I hope you have understood the importance of a blogging theme on your site for generating revenue and which type of theme you should choose for your blog. Now I will tell you how you can earn money:-

Through Affiliate advertisement – This is one of the best ways for generating revenue through your site. Become an affiliate of a famous site and promote them on your site. You can make a huge amount of money by doing affiliate advertisements.

In affiliate marketing when you show an advertisement for any product or service on your site and visitors buy that product based on your recommendation, you will receive a commission on that. The affiliate company will give a unique link for this so that they track the traffic generated by your site and you will easily get your commission.

Google AdSense – Google’s AdSense is a revenue-sharing opportunity for websites, you can place ads for goods and services that are relevant to the content of your site, targeted to the people who are frequent on your pages.

In turn, you get paid a small amount when the ad is either displayed on your page or clicked on. In this way, you can generate money through Google AdSense.

Referral income – Many advertisement programs have a pay-per-referral program. Depending on the advertisement program you are using.

Many websites provide these types of programs, you can look for referral programs and refer your visitors to that program. This will help you in generating revenue.

Get Extra money by doing jobs

Yes! you can also earn some extra money by doing tech jobs. you can earn money by applying for jobs in various companies. If you’re willing to join the best companies with developer remote jobs or content writing jobs you can consider jooble.

Final Words-

When you choose any theme it comes with good support, so don’t worry about how will manage the theme. We provide you with great and Notch Assistance.

Feel free to choose our theme and enjoy creating a Wonderful site with a huge amount of revenue. For more information, you can visit our support forum. Our team is available 24 x 7.

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