Creating WordPress Website using WordPress is quite exciting but we usually make Common Mistakes while building it. Here are some common mistakes which we have to avoid while creating a WordPress website –

Choosing the wrong hosting platform

A wrong hosting platform can lead to several problems. If your website is taking too much time to load continuously then it is very irritating to wait. This causes a very bad impact on your visitors and no one wants to wait for a long. In that condition, there will be a possibility that the user will jump over another website to buy. They will find another website to be loaded fast and then definitely the user will stay for the product there. So don’t give the chance to another website to grab your users. Always adopt the web host which loads your website fast.

Security Issue: Adopt the web host which provides you the high level of security. For any website providing a security is a core issue. Nobody will steal your content from your database. Check for whether your website is not redirecting the user to the non-targeted link. Check you should not crash in malicious script is trying to get over your server where your website is deployed.
Tech Support: Adopt the web host which provides you quality response to all your queries for 24/7. If you are raising an issue and your web host provider is not responding concurrently with you then you will lose your time in order to fix an issue for the website.

Forget to take website Backup

Many times it happens our website gets hacked or by mistake we delete some files. If you have a huge amount of database and you didn’t create its backup. Now you have to make database from starting and if you have acquired the data from the users when they visited your website so in that case not having a website backup will cause a hectic problem for us in order to start from the ground level. So always create a backup of your website. You can backup your website manually to the cloud storage or there are so many paid services like Dropmysite, Sucuri are available which create the backup automatically on a regular interval.

Bad quality theme & plugin

There are many themes and plugins which are prone to several vulnerability issues due to bad coding and having certain loopholes. Intruders can easily attack the vulnerable website. Sometimes compatibility issue may arise due to bad coding. For example, the code is not encapsulated, or having the namespace conflict in a theme or plugin may leads to absurd behavior of your website. It is also possible that when you are using any third party plugin in your website then check your theme css or js code is not conflicting with the plugin. It is very difficult sometime to debug the JS conflict issues and it is very time consuming task to fix the issue.

Don’t have responsive design

Now a day’s responsively designed website is a primary goal. As users are not limited to desktop anymore, they can open your website in tablets and in mobiles too. So if not having a responsive design it will be so irritating for the users to use the desktop version website on their mobiles or tablets scrolling from left to right. So adopt the responsive design, I will say adopt the fluid responsive designs to give high enrich user experience to your user while interacting with your website.

Not using Google analytics

Having a good enrich user experience Creating WordPress Website but not searchable to the top rank is not a worth. Your website should be highly ranked and make it available for the search on the first page of Google search. For this it is very necessary to track the users and can see how user find your website, also you can check the activity of visitors and can make changes according to their interest. You can use Google analytic tool to perform analytical measurement over your website. There are other tools also available which offers a great analytics performance like MOZ , SEMrush.

Forget to change Default admin username

Keeping the default admin username is just like inviting the attacker’s and offering the food by having the default username. By keeping the default user name we reduce the attacker’s time in order to crack our website. Attackers at first will try to attack over your login page and perform certain actions as an authenticated user so it is very important to change the default username of our WordPress website. You can change the default username of your WordPress website in a few steps:

1: Click on the Users tab on your WordPress site’s dashboard and check out for an email attached to the admin.
2: Go to “Add New”under the user’s tab option.
3: Fill your details with different username.
4: Logout and then logback again.
5: Go to user’s tab on WordPress dashboard and click over the all users and then select delete users and select the default one and delete it. You changed your default username of your WordPress website.

Ignore to use Contact form

While running a website we have to keep proper methods for the convenience of our users. If we ignore to use contact form in our website then how the user will contact us. Then most probably the user will search over the social media and there he/she will try to contact us, it’s a very long process. So always place a contact form in your website. Contact form in our website provides great engagement between B2B and B2C. Keeping a contact form is also beneficial for acquiring the user’s details and these details can be use for further contact like sending the promotional emails, any updates regarding your website or any other services.

Installing too many plugins

Installing too many plugin will result in more loading time and finally your website will work slowly. It generally happens that for any small task we use plugin which contains thousand lines of code and we are using only 50 lines then it is simply wasting our storage and increasing the execution time of our website. There are so many tasks which we perform directly without plugin like changing the default name of our WordPress website then in that case if we use plugin to change then it is simply wasting our storage space and slowing down our website. So try to check for such plugin after having an update of your website at a certain time interval.

Using unoptimized Images

It a very good practices if you are using optimized images in your website. An optimized image not only makes your website load fast but also it allows being searchable easily in Google search. You have an image of resolution 2400×1200 of 3MB size and you are using it only for 200×100. So you can simply compress it and reduce its size.


Here i am concluding all my points. Always make sure before deploying the website you to have a backup. Test your website on every device such as mobiles, tablets , PC whether it is responsively designed or not. Also test your website on different browsers to check its compatibility issues. Now compare the different hosting providers and their services, adopt the one which provides you reliable and cost effective services. Now running a website take an extra effort to check for bug on regular intervals and give response to your visitors for their feedback as much as possible.

I hope you find this article is helpful for Creating WordPress Website. For any type of query visit to our Support forum.

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