Are you using WordPress nulled Themes and Plugins? or you are going to use them? don’t use nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins, It will highly Affect your Website.

If you have created your website with WordPress, then you must have used some WordPress themes to create your website.

If you don’t like the Free WordPress theme, then you buy Premium WordPress Themes. But sometimes don’t.

There are many people there who don’t want to buy premium WordPress themes, they just go to some Nulled WordPress Themes website and download nulled themes from there.

But they don’t know how much they will regret later for using the Nulled WordPress Themes.

So in this Article, I am going to tell you Why You Need to Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins.

What are Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins?

The Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins are the pirated copied version of the Paid WordPress Themes and Plugins.

If you are a WordPress user then you must be Knowing there are two types of themes and plugins available on the internet Free and Paid.

WP nulled themes and plugins are pirated copies of Premium WordPress themes and plugins that are available unethically on the internet.

Nulled WordPress Themes and plugins will badly affect your website, in many terms like it will affect your website design, SEO, and much more.

The Website built on WordPress is required to install Themes and plugins. The WordPress Themes determine the appearance of your website and plugins are used for additional functionality in the website.

Let’s tell you why you should avoid using Nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

1- Nulled Themes & Plugins are illegal

nulled themes and plugins are illegal
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Yes! the nulled themes and plugins that are available on the internet are illegal.

Because they are the pirated version of the paid version themes and plugins, the providers of nulled themes remove the copyrighted resources like licenses to make them free.

There is no doubt that the nulled themes and plugins are stolen paid versions of themes and plugins, and anything that is stolen is seen as illegal.

The publishers of the Themes and plugins can sue you for using the pirated version of the Themes and Plugins.

2- Don’t know what is inside the code

inside the code
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While using nulled themes and plugins, you are not knowing what’s inside the code, there may be chances of some malware in the code.

There is every chance that code could contain some malicious thing that can enter your own system & break it down or collect your personal details through malware.

With malicious code in nulled themes and plugins, they might hack your website. If you use nulled WordPress themes and plugins, you are literally opening doors for hackers to enter your website.

Your website security could lead to stolen details of your users or customers. This includes their personal details, usernames, passwords, and account details.

3- Harmful for SEO

nulled theme harmful for seo
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The use of nulled Themes and Plugins in your website will be harmful and will also affect the overall SEO of your website.

The nulled Themes and Plugins can add unwanted spam links to your website, and they can redirect your website to spam websites.

When you work hard and do some great techniques to rank high on search results, the nulled themes extremely affect the SEO of your website.

As we have told you, the nulled themes and plugins contain spam links, which creates bad behavior in your website.

The attackers can redirect your website visitors to other websites with spam links, and your visitors have to struggle with it, so next time they will not visit your website. means you lose your website traffic.

4- No Regular Update

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If you use Nulled themes and plugins, you will not get regular updates, and also be no automatic updates.

If you want to enable automatic updates for themes and plugins, you need to have a license key, which you only get, when you purchase the paid theme or plugins.

No regular update means you will not get future updates, like the new design of the theme, new features, security, etc.

This is very important to get regular updates of the theme and plugins, because the theme publishers, update themes regularly to be compatible with the latest WordPress versions.

To use the latest WordPress version, in your Theme and Plugins, you will require updates, but if you install nulled themes and plugins then you will not gonna get any type of updates in the future.

5- No Theme and Plugin Support

wordpress theme and plugin support
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If you install nulled theme and plugin you will not get any support or documentation from the Theme and plugin developers.

The nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins will give you every feature, that you will get from the paid version of the themes and plugins, but you will not get real customer support from the developers.

Imagine you are doing something on your website, and suddenly some features are not working on your website, or you are not knowing how to do that thing.

So what will you do? Maybe you will try to search for that thing on the internet and will find the solution to the problem.

but it will not same all the time, at some point of time you will require to get customer support from the developer.

when you are stuck on something, so you will only get an option of support, but because you have installed a nulled version of the theme and plugin you will not get any type of support from the developers.

6- Security and Privacy

wordpress security and privacy
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Security and Privacy are some of the most important things among WordPress users, there are millions of websites that are ready to attack your website.

When it comes to security the users and customers give priority to their privacy and security. when you create a website you go for the best hosting provider, and use the SSL Certificate for your website.

So why not in Themes and Pugin, you must avoid the nulled themes and plugins that are harmful to your user’s & customers’ privacy.

For those who don’t know, there are plenty of WordPress Security Vulnerabilities that are because by the use of nulled extensions.

Use Free or Pro Theme

If you don’t your website to be attached or hacked by hackers, you should avoid using nulled themes.

Other than this you can use various free and premium WordPress themes to create your beautiful websites.

If you want to use Free WordPress themes for your website you can use ThemeHunk’s free WordPress themes.

and If you want more features you can also get the premium version from ThemeHunk WordPress Themes.


Can I Use Nulled Themes in WordPress?

No, you should not! Using a nulled WordPress theme is not safe and can lead to your site being hacked or compromised.

How to use Nulled WordPress Themes

We recommend not using Nulled WordPress Themes, because it will cause serious risks to your website.

Final Word’s

The use of Nulled Themes and Plugin in your WordPress website, is a risk to the reputation of your website and business, which can also lead to website hacking.

As WordPress is an open-source CMS, There is the various alternative to premium themes and plugins, you will find thousands of free plugins on WordPress.

If you want to try free WordPress Themes then you can try our ThemeHunk Free WordPress Themes, we also offer the best Premium WordPress Themes.

I hope this article has helped you to get the knowledge about, why you must avoid nulled WordPress plugins and themes. If you have any questions or suggestions, just comment below.

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