Are you searching for the best WordPress appointment booking plugins? This article will suggest the best appointment booking plugin for your website.

If you have a fitness center, hotel, restaurant, medical clinic, hospital, spa center, equipment rental, automobile rental, education, maintenance, or any other business that requires a booking system to manage customers, a booking plugin is the best solution.

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

What is the WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

A WordPress appointment booking plugin is a tool that allows website owners to organize and set up appointment schedules, reservations, or bookings directly from their WordPress website.

It is a handy tool for businesses that require scheduled meetings or appointments with their customers.

There are many WordPress appointment booking plugins available in the market but you need to choose the one that comes with a user-friendly interface, customizable calendar, email notification reminder, mobile-friendly, multiple booking options, and online payment gateway integration.

In this article, we suggest some of the best WordPress appointment booking plugins that can help to add a responsive booking form to your website.

If you are in a hurry, let’s take a quick look at our list of the Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins.

PluginActive InstallRatingAvailable
Appointment Hour Booking30,000+Free/ €5.99 per month
Bookly60,000+Free/ $89 for onetime
Booking Calendar60,000+Free/ $31.60 for onetime
WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments35000+Free/ $99 per year
WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress300+Free/ $59 per year
Amelia50,000+Free/ $59 per year
Easy Appointments20,000+Free/ $39 per year
Simply Schedule Appointment20,000+Free/  $99
BookingPress6,000+Free/ $69 per year
Bookings For Gravity Forms695Free/ $79

Now, let’s take a look at these WordPress appointment booking plugins in detail.

Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

Appointment Hour Booking

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins
Active Installation30,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at €5.99 per month

Appointment Hour Booking is the top-rated booking plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It creates a booking form for appointments with start times and defined duration.

You can use this plugin for booking appointments for medical services, personal training, room booking, classes, and more.

It gives you the functionality to preset the working hours, so end users can easily book the available time slot for an appointment. Also, each calendar comes with multiple services, duration, and prizes.

This plugin also gives the link to some payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and more. It has multiple add-ons to integrate with external services, such as WooCommerce, reCaptcha, SalesForce, etc., and add-ons for extra features, like appointment cancellation, appointment remainders, Zoom meetings, and more.


  • Easy visual configuration of calendar data
  • You can preset working dates, holidays, and other special dates with available time
  • Set different prices and durations as per services
  • Automatically calculate the start time based on open hours and service duration
  • Automatically block the time slot once it’s booked
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Customizable email notification reminder for upcoming bookings
  • Form validation and anti-spam captcha protection
  • Manual and automatic CSV reports
  • Multipage Calander
  • Available in 53+ language
  • Blocks for Elementor and Gutenberg


WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins
Active Installation60,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $89 for a lifetime

Bookly is one of the best WordPress appointment booking plugins that allows you to add a booking system to your website and automate bookings.

It is the most versatile plugin that can be used for booking an appointment in various businesses, such as restaurants, clinics, law consultancy, ticket booking, spas, fitness classes, and more.

This plugin is easy to use and fully responsive, which means the users can easily book forms from any device by simply selecting the desired service and date with few personal details.

It is highly customizable, you can change the header, text, buttons, and more without any coding knowledge. It is also compatible with WPML, which can help you translate into 40+ languages.

It also provides several add-on options for recurring booking, group booking, custom fields, special hours, coupons, location, etc.


  • Fully responsive
  • Quickly schedule and book an appointment
  • Unlimited bookings
  • SMS and email notifications
  • User-friendly booking interface
  • Integrate with online payment gateways
  • Suitable for any business
  • Support WPML
  • Blocks for Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Google calendar integration
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Zoom, Google Meets, and Jitsi integration
  • Multiple add-ons with additional features

Booking Calendar

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins
Active Installation60,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $31.60 for a lifetime

Booking Calendar is one of the most popular and downloaded WordPress appointment booking plugins in the WordPress directory, with over 60,000 active installations worldwide.

It comes with a user-friendly interface that helps your visitors quickly check availability and make reservations to your website.

Booking Calendar works efficiently for any business, such as hotel rooms, rental cars, photography, law firms, spa, online classes, fitness centers, clinics, or any other appointment booking services.


  • Powerful booking admin panel
  • fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Customizable form and calendar
  • Unlimited bookings resources
  • Multiple bookings of same-day
  • Ristrict double-booking
  • Blocks for Gutenberg
  • Email notification
  • Search availability for specific dates and number of visits
  • Integrates with payment gateways
  • Support WPML and qTranslate
  • Google Calendar
  • Sync with Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, and more reservation sites

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

woocommerce booking 32
Active Installation35000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $99 per year

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin by PluginHive is the best one to run your bookings and rentals without any difficulty. This WooCommerce Bookings plugin seamlessly works with WooCommerce and offers single & multiple-day bookings, bookings with start and end dates, recurring, adjacent, and non-adjacent bookings, etc. You can set up bookings based on time, date, days, and hours as well.

This plugin is among the most affordable booking solutions having all the usable functionalities to run your online booking businesses. It is compatible with WPML, integrates with your Google calendar, and has many add-ons like WooCommerce Recurring Bookings addon, WooCommerce Non-Adjacent Bookings addon, WooCommerce Deposits addon, WooCommerce Product Addons, and Dokan WooCommerce Bookings addon to make the feature set even more extensive.


  • Offer single, multiple, and mixed bookings per minute, hour, day, and months
  • Send email notifications & reminders to customers
  • Request booking confirmation from the store owner
  • Google Calendar sync to save and place bookings
  • Easily achieve Staff Management through this booking plugin
  • Set preparation time between the bookings
  • Easily handle Individual or group bookings
  • Supports partial payment & recurring bookings with compatible free & premium add-ons
  • WooCommerce integration 
  • Customize your booking calendar design and change the calendar color
  • Complete control over bookings 

WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress

wordpress appointment booking plugin
Active Installation300+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $59 for a single site

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress is the perfect choice for anyone related to the service industry and hourly-based appointments. This plugin works with any number of services, employees, and locations.

You can create personal schedules for staff members and include working hours, days off, holidays, etc. The plugin allows you to set service duration and add buffer times between actual appointments.


  • A mobile-friendly booking widget.
  • On-site payment method (more gateways in the pro version).
  • Deposit payments and discount coupons.
  • Multiple services bookable in one submission.
  • Appointment reminders and notifications sent automatically.
  • User accounts for customers to login and view bookings.
  • Booking management tools and editing options.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi page builders.
  • Synchronization with an employee’s Google Calendar (pro).
  • A set of premium extension.


amelia 365
Active Installation50,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $59 per year

Amelia is another famous appointment booking plugin for WordPress that allows you to create appointment forms and event booking calendars on any business website, like consultancy, healthcare, salon, education, fitness, personal, and more.

The plugin is simple and easy to use, customers can quickly find and choose the service, date, and time, fill up their details, and make payments with ease.

You can easily change the look and feel of Amelia’s booking form and event calendar to match your needs. You can edit its color, font, and information as per your website.


  • Book multiple appointments
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Customizable design
  • Custom service schedule
  • Integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, Google Calender, Facebook Pixel, etc
  • Integrates with payment gateway, like PayPal, Stripe, Rozerpay, etc
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Support multiple languages
  • Option to create service packages
  • Panel for tracking and managing the booking and events of customers and employees
  • Whatsapp integration

Easy Appointments

easy appointments 125
Active Installation20,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $39 per year

Easy appointments are flexible and easy-to-use WordPress appointment booking plugins that allow you to add an appointment form for multiple locations, services, and workers.

It can help you to send email notifications reminders to customers, admin users, and employees about upcoming appointments. It can also send links through emails to booking confirmation and cancelation.

It is highly responsive and compatible with any type of business.


  • Create multiple locations, services, and workers
  • You can create a dedicated calendar for one location/server/worker on any page
  • Multiple time slots
  • Select any time format (am-pm or 00-24)
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Create a custom form field
  • Create custom orders with easy drag-and-drop
  • Google reCaptcha v2
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Responsive layout
  • Reports and tracking events
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and PayPal
  • Google Calendar and iCalendar integration
  • Multiple language support

Simply Schedule Appointment

simply schedule appointment 21
Active Installation20,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $99

Simply Schedule Appointments is one of the highest-rated WordPress appointment booking plugins that can easily set up an online booking form for your website.

It is fully customizable to suit your needs. You can create custom fields or add questions to your appointment form and also change the form color, font, and more as per your website.

It also comes with customizable email and SMS reminders, that keep informed you and your customers regarding upcoming appointments.

This plugin is fully integrated with the Gutenberg Block editor, Elementor, Brizy, and Divi.


  • Unlimited booking calendar
  • You can easily display your availability by day, time, and type of appointments
  • Easily mentions holidays, birthdays, or other important days
  • Automatically sync with Google Calendar
  • Completely customized
  • Email and SMS notification remainder
  • Integrates with the Events Calendar plugin, WP Fusion, MailChimp, and more
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates with payment gateways, like PayPal and Strips
  • Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms integration
  • Support Zoom and Google Meet
  • Create schedules for each staff member


bookingpress 125
Active Installation6,000+
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $69 per year

BookingPress is another excellent appointment booking plugin for WordPress that comes with a lot of features that can easily be enabled on any business, including healthcare, lifestyle, fitness, medical, education, equipment, etc.

With the user-friendly interface, you can easily add a booking form to your website. It provides multiple tools to track bookings, clients, payments, availability, and more.

You can change the color, title, and layout with its easy-to-use customizable panel. It provides multiple add-ons that enhance the functionality of your booking calendar.


  • Unlimited services and bookings
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom fields for checkout
  • Add appointments manually
  • In-built spam protection
  • Email and SMS notification
  • Whatsapp notification
  • Online payment with 15+ gateways, like PayPal, Stripe, Rozarpay, Mollie, etc
  • Sync with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar
  • Support Gutenberg and Elementor
  • Translation ready
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Integrates with Zoom, Zapier, Mailchimp, and Google ReCaptcha
  • Advanced report and analysis
  • Mobile-friendly

Bookings For Gravity Forms 

gravity forms 21
Active Installation695
Free VersionYes
Paid VersionStarting at $79

Bookings for Gravity Forms or Gravity Booking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage online booking forms for your business. It is a popular plugin with over 1500 all-time users. Gravity Booking integrates with Gravity Forms, a popular form builder plugin for WordPress. This means that you can use all of the features of Gravity Forms to create your booking forms, including conditional logic, multiple-page forms, and file uploads.

Gravity Booking includes features specifically designed for booking forms, such as “Time slots.” You can define time slots for your appointments, and clients can only book appointments during those time slots. 

Also, you can set your availability for each day of the week, and clients can only book appointments during those times.

Moreover, you can integrate Gravity Booking with a number of payment gateways, such as PayPal, Mollie, and Stripe. This means that clients can pay for their appointments online. 

Further, it enables you to set Email notifications. You can receive notifications when clients book appointments, and you can also send reminder notifications to clients. 


  • Hide Slot Capacity  
  • Event-Based Bookings  
  • Reminder Email Templates  
  • Book Auto-Time Slot for Customers  
  • One-Way Sync with Google Calendar 
  • Dynamic Email Templates 
  • Multiple Bookings in One Slot 
  • Booking Form Customization  
  • Email Alerts & Notifications  
  • Outlook 365 Calendar Integration  
  • Google Calendar Two-way sync  
  • RTL Text Functionality


Q: Does WordPress provide a booking system?

Ans: No, WordPress doesn’t provide a booking system but if you want to create the booking form on your website you need to install the WordPress appointment booking plugin.

Q: Which is the best appointment plugin for WordPress?

Ans: It’s difficult to choose the best plugin, each plugin has some different functionality and unique features. Now, this is up to you which plugin is good for your business.

Final Words

So, this was our list of the best WordPress appointment booking plugins. These plugins are best to create appointment booking forms. You can choose any of the above plugins as per your business.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this, do not hesitate to comment below. We will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

We hope this article will help you find the best WordPress appointment booking plugins.

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