If you have a WordPress website, then you might require a Google Analytics plugin to see traffic and the best-performing pages on your website.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can get the detailed information regarding website traffic and pageview.

WordPress doesn’t come with built-in analytics, so you’ll need to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site. So that you can get detailed information regarding your website.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss which are the best WordPress analytics plugin. That you can use to manage your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that offers an easy and free way to track and analyze visitors to your website.

and Google Analytics plugins are the tools that collect data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business.

It is a website traffic analysis application that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website.

In WordPress, there are various plugins that show Google analytics data within the WordPress dashboard.

Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Here are the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins for getting accurate and true website data. Read more to get an idea about this.

Site Kit by Google

Google Analytics Plugin

Site kit is the official plugin by Google to get the data of Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and Speed of your WordPress website.

This plugin not only shows the Analytics data but also shows you the data from the Search console. Also, you can connect your Adsense account to see your earnings within the Dashboard.

If you have created a Google Analytics account so you can easily integrate and see Analytics data on your WordPress dashboard.

This Google Analytics plugin provides authoritative, up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access, all for free.

You will get Official stats from multiple Google tools, all in one dashboard. You will see Metrics for your entire site and for individual posts.

Site Kit provides roles and permissions to help you manage access to the site’s data and make sure only the relevant people can see stats.

You can also manage your new Google Analytics 4 property with this Site Kit plugin.

Main Features-

  • Metrics for the entire site.
  • Analytics Reports.
  • Search Console.
  • AdSense account.
  • PageSpeed Insights.
  • Tag Manager.


Google Analytics Plugin

With over 3+ Million active installs on WordPress.org MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

You can easily MonsterInsights to analyze and see the stats of your website within the WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights comes with an analytics dashboard for WordPress that shows you actionable analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard.

With Monsterinsights you can automatically track clicks on your affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links with our link tracking.

This plugin also comes with Page Level Analytics, which means you can get detailed stats for each post and page, so you can see the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your site.

MonsterInsights shows you important eCommerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources, etc.

With MonsterInsights Pro you can get features like events tracking, eCommerce tracking, custom dimensions tracking, page speed reports, popular post tracking, custom dimensions, affiliate link tracking, video tracking, etc.

Main Features-

  • Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Ecommerce Tracking.
  • Page Level Analytics.
  • Affiliate Link & Ads Tracking.
  • SEO Score Tracking.


Google Analytics Plugin

ExactMetrics is another popular Google analytics plugin for WordPress with over 800k+ active installs on WordPress.org

This plugin comes with Google Analytics Dashboard that helps you view key Google Analytics stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.

ExactMetrics automatically tracks both Universal Google Analytics (GA3) as well as Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties.

Automatically track sales from Google Ads inside WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, and MemberPress within WordPress Dashboard.

You can also Track your outbound link clicks. You can Enable A/B Testing with Google Optimize and connect it with Google Analytics.

You can view analytics for each page and post from the ExactMetrics menu in the WordPress admin bar while browsing your website.

You can automatically set up Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce.

Main Features-

  • Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Google Analytics 4 Support.
  • Real-time Stats.
  • Ecommerce Tracking.
  • Affiliate Link Tracking.
  • Outbound link tracking.
  • Custom Events Tracking.

HT Easy GA4

easy google analytics 4

The HT Easy GA4 plugin is a popular Google Analytics solution for WordPress with over 6,000 active installs. Connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics 4 using this user-friendly and intuitive plugin. You can access comprehensive Google Analytics 4 reports directly on your WordPress dashboard with just a few clicks. 

This plugin offers in-depth insights and streamlines performance monitoring. Gain valuable metrics like sessions, page views, bounce rate, top pages, referrers, user types, and device categories.

Streamline your login experience with the convenient “Login with Google” feature in HT Easy GA4.  Access analytics and manage data effortlessly using your Google account for customer behavior, user experience, online content, and more.

The plugin enables a unified view of app and web analytics with an updated user interface and new reporting tools. This view of the website and mobile app usage data gives you a holistic perspective for effective user behavior analysis.

Customized reports ensure a focused presentation of essential statistics, helping eliminate unnecessary clutter and facilitating insights crucial for business growth.

HT Easy GA4 plugin offers both pro and free versions. The PRO version elevates functionality with a rich array of features customized for detailed eCommerce event tracking. It encompasses transactions, revenue, product interactions, and more. This offers a robust solution to meet your online business requirements.

Main Features-

  • Google Analytics 4 Support
  • Affiliate Link Tracking
  • Unified View Between App and Web
  • Login With Google
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Standard & E-commerce Reports
  • eCommerce Events.

WP Statistics

wp statistics 31

WP Statistics has over 600k+ active installs on WordPress.org and 4.1 ratings.

WP statistics let you know your visitors’ IP, Referring Site, Browser, Search Engine, OS, Country, and City. All the data are clear and easy to read in graphs and numbers.

Its addon has Advanced Widgets that let you display these statistics widgets on your website using Gutenberg blocks or theme widgets.

This Google Analytics Plugin has a Visitor’s Country Recognition, Visitor’s City Recognition, and The number of Visitors coming from each Search Engine feature.

Main Features-

  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Statistical Email Reports.
  • Widget Support.
  • Real-time stats.
  • Advanced reporting.

Independent Analytics

Independent Analytic 31

Independent Analytics is a new plugin and a bit different from many of the other analytics plugins.

Rather than adding the Google Analytics script to your site, Independent Analytics uses its own proprietary analytics script. This means you can track views and visitors without creating an account elsewhere or sharing data outside of your own server.

You can see your total views and visitors easily with the analytics dashboard added right into your WP admin. There you can see your top posts and pages, the sites sending you the most traffic, and the geolocation of visitors.

Main features

  • Beautiful analytics menu
  • Top pages & top traffic sources
  • World map with geolocation 
  • Dashboard widget for quick reference
  • Data filtering and sorting

Slimstat Analytics

wp slimstat 31

Slimstat Analytics has 100k+ active installs on WordPress.org with 4.8 ratings.

It uses measure server latency, track page events, keep an eye on your bounce rate, and much more. You can also display reports in widgets or directly in posts and pages.

It offers an A/B testing tool to pick the right color, font, and image based on user stats.

You can download your reports as CSV files, generate user heatmaps, or get daily emails right in your mailbox.

Main features-

  • Real-Time Access Log.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Geolocation.
  • Compatible with cache plugins.

Matomo Analytics

matomo analytics 42

Matomo Analytics has 60,000+ active installs on WorPress.org with 4.8 ratings. It offers security and protects the privacy of your users.

Running Matomo Analytics on your server can use significant resources. The minimum PHP memory limit is 128Mb, but we recommend using a higher limit (memory_limit = 256M).

Helps you track product clicks, impressions, and add-to-cart events. These can be tracked on your product page, category page, featured product section, and more.

Main Features-

  • Campaign tracking.
  • Real-time reports.
  • JavaScript error tracking.
  • Keyword rankings.
  • Custom reporting.


Q: Which is the best WordPress statistics plugin?

Ans: Google Site Kit is the best WordPress statistics plugin

Q: Is this required to install the analytics plugin?

Ans: Yes! As per your need to watch and see the performance of your website.


Which Is the Best Google Analytics Plugin?

After comparing all of the features of these popular Google Analytics plugins, we found that Site Kit by Google and MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugins that you can use on your website.

Both plugins offer very useful features that can be used on your website. However, if you want to get more features like custom tracking then you can go with MonsterInsights.

If you have any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate just comment down below, and we will help you to solve your problem. Thanks for reading this blog. 

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