A simple definition of WordPress is a “magic tool to create a website”, I symbolized it magic because it contains everything that makes it easy to create a website for technical and nontechnical users. What makes it different? It is an open-source software or a content management system (CMS) for website building, It is open source which means anyone can freely edit it. WordPress is free to download you can download it from WordPress.org

History of WordPress:

In the year 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little originated the b2/catalog for a blogging platform, at that time there were only two faces of it. After a long journey and with thousands of contributors WordPress has become the most popular platform of website building over the web.

Is WordPress only for blogging? It is the largest myth among people who are new to WordPress and listen to WordPress that it is only for blogging, Today WordPress powers 35% of the total website over the internet which is the largest number of websites created on any CMS. You can build any type of website by using WordPress, like :

  • Blogging websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Online Stores
  • Magazine Sites
  • Business websites
  • Directory sites

In other words, one can create anything that he can think of.

Are WordPress.org and WordPress.com are same?

The answer is no, They both are powered by Automatic (the company behind it.) but they are totally different.

WordPress.org: It is the famous WordPress that you are searching for. It is open-source software and free to use. At WordPress.org, you need to download WordPress install it on your server, and create your website using your favorite design (theme).

WordPress.com: It is a hosting service offered by Automatic, Just go to WordPress.com and they manage everything for you.

Now the question that comes to mind is which one is best, I suggest you go with WordPress.org, Here you will get the freedom to do whatever you want.

On the other hand at WordPress.com you have to pay for everything, It is good If you are a personal blogger. But if you want to create an eCommerce or business site then you have to pay a good amount for that.

Why WordPress is so famous?

Things that make it famous are as follows:

(a) Free to use:

WordPress is free-to-use software, You can use it free for a lifetime, with no need to pay anything. It is an open-source software license with GPLv2, you can edit it totally and also contribute to changes.

(b) WordPress is Beautiful:

Thousands of free themes (designs) are available at WordPress.org for download. So the question comes to mind What is theme? : A theme is a pre-made template that converts a website into a unique design, You have to just make a few clicks and your site is ready, to manage site content and color from WordPress Customizer. There are thousands of free themes available at WordPress.org, Check some of the best from here. Users can also go with Premium Designs offered by theme-selling companies.

(c) WordPress is Extendable:

Users can extend the functionality of the theme by adding plugins, So the question comes to mind What is a plugin? : A software that plug in (add) external functionality in the theme. There are 56,368 + free plugins available at WordPress.org, Users can search best one as per their site needs.

(d) Totally Secure:

WordPress is one of the favorite CMS for creating websites, its popularity rising day by day and is widely targeted by hackers. So a core team of WordPress doing its best to make it secure, but users have to take some steps to make it secure.
Firstly always update your WordPress, themes, and plugins to the latest version, don’t use these plugins that are outdated ”means not been updated in the last few years”. To make your site fully secured check these steps

(e) Seo Friendly:

Search engine loves WordPress because it is content-based and has a fully responsive design as we know that more than 90% of users use mobile devices to visit a site.
WordPress alone is not capable of boosting your site SEO, so we need an SEO plugin that is available in the WordPress directory, You can choose any one from them and start your SEO.

How can I make a website using WordPress

Follow the steps for creating a website:

(a) First choose your domain name and buy it, for example, our domain name is themehunk.com

(b) Secondly buy good hosting for your site, famous hosting like Siteground provides you with preinstalled WordPress your hosting. You can check this post for choosing your hosting provider, it will help you to choose the best one

(c) Just choose a theme as per your site requirements and start building your website, You can check themes here

For a details explanation check this article:

Wanna make the test site

If you want to make the site for testing purposes or you have planned to make the site a first local and after that transfer it to make a live.
Then you can make a website in WordPress localhost. You just need to create a local environment by using XAMPP install WordPress on it and create your website locally.

For detailed explanation for creating a website on localhost, you can go with this article: https://themehunk.com/how-to-install-wordpress-at-localhost/

Who uses WordPress

There are some rumors that WordPress is only used by small businesses and only for blogging sites. But these are totally wrong. WordPress is very powerful and also powered many famous sites, some examples are:

  1. Usain Bolt’s website is also powered by WordPress: http://usainbolt.com/
  2. Even Facebook news is also run on WordPress: https://about.fb.com/news/
  3. Walt Disney and many more big brands on WordPress: https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/

I hope I have covered every single topic that helps you to know about WordPress, i something I missed and you know it then comment on it.

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